The Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang

1937 China; the Japanese Imperial Army is chewing up China. Three middle-aged friends, Westerners, who have lived in China for decades, are about to lose everything to the onslaught. Leave China or die.

As their world is collapsing around them, Harry, a fur trader from New York, Mischa, a Russian whose family had moved over the border from Siberia to Harbin when he was a young man, and Mendel, a Rabbi from Germany, learn that a race of Chinese Jews are about to become victims of a German and Japanese alliance to acquire a valuable ruby which supposedly is in their village of Kaifeng.
The three friends decide to embark on one last adventure before leaving China, to save the Jews of Kaifeng and the jewel. Can they reach Kaifeng before the alliance bent on the destruction of the village gets to them? It is a race across 1937 China, through Japanese controlled territory, Chinese bandits, and countless dangers and obstacles.

Finding the ruby, also, will not be easy, as the jewel disappeared in 1916, the only clues to its location written in a cryptic, twenty year old diary written by a disillusioned Chinese Rabbi; the “Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang.” As well as the Japanese and the Germans, the adventure becomes deadlier as the pursuit is joined by an opium-dealing mobster from San Francisco, as well as the murderous “Empress Wu” and her army of goons.

Has Harry, Mischa, and Mendel attempted more than they can pull off? Will they survive the deadly race to warn their friends and find the jewel? As well, the window of opportunity for foreigners to get out of China before the country is shut down completely by the Japanese Army is rapidly closing. Will they be able to leave China before facing execution or internment? The three friends are tested to the extreme.available-on-amazon

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